Week of training

Had a relatively nice week of training. Did 40 Km in 5 sessions, with some hills. Had fun and are feeling rather well, something that was not happening since a while. What has changed? I am now running again in Asics Kayano instead of old and used Adidas trial running shoes. Possibly trail shoes are…

New Suunto t6 model

Suunto has released in March new colors for the loved t6 series. Now it is called t6d and offers a hr belt that works with gym equipment. Other than that there is no (apparent) difference between the t6d and the older t6c apart from the look. A very nice one is the black flame model!

New shoes – Salomon xt-wings s-lab 2

I bought new shoes, the Salomon xt-wings s-lab 2. They are very nice! Very soft. They wrap the feet and seems not to offer a lot of protection, but is not the case. Very good to run in, you really have the feeling of being in control of the road and especially off-road and on…

Training today…

A nice training today… 1:10 hours for ca. 9 Km in the woods (5.6 miles) and ca. 200 m of height difference (ca. 660 feet). Look where I am lucky to run in… Beatiful isn’t it?

Race across America

I bumped in this DVD the other day (Bicycle Dreams movie). It seems quite good at least as I read from review (Review from Scott Dunlap). I ordered yesterday and are waiting for it! This is the trailer. Order it as it seems quite inspiring!